About Dr. Joshi's Center for Autism

The aim of running Dr. Joshi’s center for Autism is to promote early intervention in autism spectrum disorder. In our practice we have observed that with early intervention with therapies, special diets and Homeopathy very good results have been achieved in children suffering from Autism. In India the number of cases of Autism is increasing at a very fast rate and to cater to the large number and provide services is a huge task in itself. As we have been practicing online since last 10 years we have been able to reach out to patients globally. With our expertise in online practice we want to spread the benefits of online therapy to interiors of India where it is very difficult to find a therapist. Currently we have successfully implemented Homeopathy, Nutrition and speech therapy but we want to further upgrade our backend support and reach out to more families.

Dr. Joshi’s Center for Autism is founded by Dr. Santosh R Joshi a Classical Homeopath and Entrepreneur and Dr. Varsha Patel Joshi a Nutritionist and a Classical Homeopath .Our Aim is to bring out the best in children suffering from autism and also give proper guidance and counseling to the families who are dealing with Autism. Currently we have reached 80 locations globally via our various websites and with good success rate.

Promoting Early Intervention in Autism