Autism and Life by Dr. Santosh Joshi

Autism as we all know is a disorder where the person lacks the ability to communicate, suffers from sensory sensitivity and lot of other issues. The autistic child is already having a problem but this can be doubled by certain issues like denial by parents to accept that the normal looking child is having autism.

We see lot of children with autism at Dr. Joshi's center for autism from various spectrum's and different nationalities but this phenomenon of denial is quite universal. The point of contention is that why this happens?

Few areas which lead to this denial can be:
  • Lack of awareness
  • Fear how the society will react?
  • Denial without reason
  • Emotional shock

It is very important on the part of the treating doctor, counselor or family to support in these times when a diagnosis is made. It is also very important to give confidence and also explain the realistic measures and therapies that will help the child to improve and become independent.

Life is a continuous process and we all need support so what's so great if we do a little bit more the children suffering from autism? Isn't it our responsibility to help our fellow human beings to experience the world like they want to?It is amazing to see parents work so hard to help the child, friends, family members and society also helps but there is a lot yet to be achieved. Awareness has to be at mass level still there are people even well educated who ask ? What is autism?

It is not their fault that they don't know about autism it is the lack of awareness about it. The importance of early intervention in autism with diet, Therapies and Homeopathy goes a long way in improving the overall outlook in children suffering from autism. With the right homeopathic medicine, diet and therapies we have seen tremendous improvement in areas of cognitive skills, Obsessive compulsive behavior, Comprehension, Improved eye contact and also making the child develop into an independent adult.

Let us do our bit and spread awareness about Autism at the level of schools, Colleges, Malls, Universities, Societies and where ever we can to help in fighting against discrimination towards individuals suffering from Autism.Let us join hands for a better today and tomorrow.