Autism Homeopathic kit of Hyperactivity

Autism Homeopathic kit of Hyperactivity

Hyperactivity reducer kit is designed especially for children suffering from Autism and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). This Homeopathic kit is a result of our 12 years of clinical experience in treating children with Autism and ADHD.

As most of the Children with Autism and ADHD are extremely hyperactive, hence it is a challenge to control the hyperactivity. To implement therapies like Speech therapy, occupational therapy etc, it is important that the child sits in one place and is more focused to achieve the desired results.

The kit contains Homeopathic medicines with a small instruction guide to help you in understanding how to use the medicines. Homeopathic medicines are free from side effects but have to be judiciously used to get the desired results.

We will also provide an AHR consultation for 20 minutes with our Senior Homeopath.

If the consultation is exceeded by 20 minutes then the client will have to make the payment of the consultation fees of the Senior Homeopath as per the following plan.

Benefits of Autism Hyperactivity reducer Homeopathic kit:
  • Reduces the Hyperactivity in an effective way
  • Increases the attention span
  • Safe gentle, without any side effects
  • Can be given easily
  • Children love these Homeopathic sweet pills so they readily take the medicine without any tantrums

Buy the Autism Hyperactivity reducer Homeopathic kit

Cost / Fees India USA/Canada Europe Asia & Africa Oceania Countries
Cost of AHR Homeopathic Kit Rs. 999 USD 25 Euro 25 USD 20 AED 125
Consultation fees of Senior Homeopath Rs.1000/-
For 25 minutes (After the initial 20 minutes exceed.)
USD 35
For 25 minutes (After the initial 20 minutes exceed.)
Euro 35
For 25 minutes (After the initial 20 minutes exceed.)
USD 25
For 25 minutes (After the initial 20 minutes exceed.)
AED 150
For 25 minutes (After the initial 20 minutes exceed.)

Kindly Note the above consultations are one time consultation for a regular Homeopathic treatment sign up for the regular plans which includes online support and consultation with the Homeopathic physician and follow ups.

Shipping will be charged extra as per the country.


The Autism Hyperactivity reducer Homeopathic kit and online consultation doesn't rule out the necessity to consult a physician in person. The patient has to consult a Physician when required and and the panel of doctors shall bear no responsibility if the patient doesn't do so.

Please note that we do not claim our consultation offers 100% success in all the cases nor do we guarantee any magical cure. The homeopathic medicines are essentially free from side effects. Our organization takes no responsibility for any presumed complications. and the experts at shall not be liable to pay any compensation / damage nor shall be liable to any legal proceedings for the adverse effects that can happen if the information is misused.

The privacy of the patient will be 100% confidential and in no circumstances it will be shared. If we need to use the cases for clinical study or educational purpose we shall take a written consent from the concerned patient and then only publish the cases.

It is considered that the user has read and agreed to these terms and conditions, when one uses the Autism Hyperactivity reducer Homeopathic kit, literature on this site and the online treatment option.