Dr. Joshi's - 5 Tips to get over a Failure

We all go through ups and downs in life sometimes its personal loss, sometimes business loss or other human emotions. The challenge is how you look at life and get over the failure. Easier said than done I would give some quick 5 tips that can be useful.

Dr. Joshi's Tip- 1.

Listen to the music which soothes you. It can be Classical, Rock, Metal, Grunge anything that you can connect with. It has been seen that classical music especially Santoor has a great soothing effect. So get over it and listen to your favorite music albums.

Dr. Joshi's Tip- 2.

Correct your diet, it's the first thing that goes for a toss we tend to overeat due to psychological hunger or we starve ourselves over the thoughts of failure. Choose the right food fresh fruits, berries; salads can do a world of difference. Beat the blues with the right diet and nutrition.

Dr. Joshi's Tip- 3.

Exercise!!! It helps you relax at both the mental and physical level consult your doctor for the right exercise. Yoga and meditation can heal you and keep you in good mental and physical frame. Understand the meaning of life. Yoga is a process where you understand the meaning of life and living.

Dr. Joshi's Tip- 4.

Stop the blame game and stop feeling guilty. Success and failures are a part of life. Without failures success will have no meaning. Talk to your friends, family and people who can understand. If not get help of a qualified counselor who can be of immense help.

Dr. Joshi's Tip- 5.

Prioritize!!! What you want to do in life, have a plan write it down think over it and decide where you want to be. Do things that you really want to do, don't do things just for the sake of doing them. If you have faith in your dreams and ideas get them on paper make a report and work on it. This can help you in actually noting down why we fail and why 1 mistake in a project report can snowball into a 100 mistakes and ruin the business. Likewise in relations understand the relation and see what went wrong and work on it.

Life is an interesting journey, take pleasure in livin it Happily and understand the true meaning of human life!!!.

Please note: Tips are not a replacement of medical treatment consult your healthcare provider to discuss.