Homeopathic Treatment for Autism

Autism is a disorder which comes under the classification of Pervasive developmental disorders commonly known as PDD.The other disorders that come under this classification are:

The pervasive developmental disorders are:
  • Pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS)
  • Asperger syndrome
  • Childhood disintegrative disorder
  • Retts syndrome

The prevalence and growth of autism is increasing day by day globally yet the exact cause of why autism develops is still under research. In our homeopathic practice where we take into consideration every minute details of the mothers health during pregnancy, type of conception, emotional state of mother during pregnancy, vaccination of the child we see a thread running in many cases.

We have seen cases where the parent says after the MMR vaccination all the problem started but again there is a big debate on the effects of MMR vaccine in autism, but the beauty of Homeopathic treatment is that one can remove the ill effects caused by vaccination a sort of Homeopathic Detox. When the child suffering from autism is given the homeopathic remedy which is selected on the basis of totality of symptoms works really well.

We had a case of autism where the child was getting recurrent convulsions after MMR vaccination and the child developed autism the child was given the homeopathic medicine on totality of symptoms and he improved tremendously and also his convulsions stopped.

Homeopathic treatment for autism or any other disease is challenging as well as rewarding we have seen that the potential in treating complex disorders and chronic diseases with homeopathy is immense. But as we all know Homeopathy meets with lot of opposition and is challenged on its efficacy but we as Homeopaths have been taught to be unprejudiced observer and we do our best and show results to overshadow the critics'.

In order to achieve the results we need co operation from parents, care givers so that we can understand the complete case details .To make this simple we have designed a Homeopathic case history form for autism where all the details are systematically recorded. We also need the assessment from a clinical psychologist, developmental pediatrician and other investigations so that once the homeopathic treatment is started we can compare the improvements that take place after a period of time.

What are the changes that we can see once the Homeopathic treatment is started is the commonest question that we face. The areas where improvement is seen are decrease in hyperactivity, eye contact improves, the child is more receptive, and improvement in comprehension and sleep are noted. Along with this the tantrums become less and overall improvement takes place gradually. The results vary from case to case in certain cases we have seen regression of the symptoms completely and the child leads a normal independent life, where as in severe cases of autism the results are encouraging but we cannot regress completely the symptoms but improvement is seen to a great extent which otherwise would not have been possible. Another important factor is the age of the child when he starts on Homeopathy; the children who receive homeopathic medicine before the age of 5 years have better prospects than their counterparts.

Let us consider a case of autism which comes for homeopathic treatment after taking the complete case details your homeopath will select the characteristic symptoms from the case record this is known as totality of symptoms based on which the homeopathic medicine that suits the individual will be selected.

Once the totality of symptoms is formed the homeopath will do the evaluation and he will also follow a process of Repertorisation to scientifically analyze the symptoms and the corresponding remedies. With the advance in technology your homeopath now has access to sophisticated Homeopathic software which does this process of repertorization which was earlier done manually. Based on this the right homeopathic remedy is selected and the potency or the power of the medicine is selected on the basis of the vitality of the individual.

After the homeopathic medicine is prescribed the patient will have to give a follow up once in 14 days or depending on the case. As there are patients from all over the world that come for treatment we have the facility of taking the follow ups via video conferencing, email or phone. In certain cases we request to send video clips of the specific behavior to aid us in resolving it.

Homeopathic treatment in autism is evidence based treatment formulated on the guidelines of practicing Homeopathy by its founder Dr.Samuel Hahnemann. We hope that parents, caregivers and people suffering from autism will take the benefit of Homeopathic treatment in achieving tangible results in autism spectrum disorders, PDD and other ailments.

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