How to cope when you know your Child has Autism

By Dr. Santosh Joshi and Dr. Varsha Patel Joshi, -Homeopathy and Nutrition Experts at Dr. Joshi's Center for Autism

The diagnosis of your child having Autism can be a tough one, but in life we have to face the challenges thrown at us. One best part is that autism is not a life threatening disorder and when handled in a proper manner can be handled successfully.

Some of the best ways to cope up can be:
  1. Taking proper guidance from a certified professional about what is autism and how to deal with it.
  2. Accepting that your child is having autism and it can be handled.
  3. Sensory issues, comprehension, hyperactivity, behavioural issues can be safely dealt with the right homeopathic medicines by a qualified homeopath.
  4. Nutritional interventions, GFCF diet can definitely help but has to be started after consulting a Nutrition expert.
  5. If you are unable to cope up with the social issues take help of your counselor or you can talk with your family and friends who can be of great help. There is no harm in reaching out for help.
  6. Community groups can also be a great boon to get over psychological pressures and also address the needs of your growing child.

In our practice we have seen that major stress is caused when there is lack of acceptance that the child is suffering from autism. When parents work as a unit along with the intervention team then amazing outcomes have been seen. When the child is small and growing up the major worries are about speech, social interaction , sensory issues ,eye contact and stereotyped behavior to name a few. When the child is in the teenage and there are hormonal changes taking place it can be quite challenging to handle your kid, during such times one should take professional help in how to deal with the issues that the autistic teenager must be facing.

Be sympathetic and try to understand the needs of the child and provide them with the necessary measures so they can adapt to the change and also live with their peer group. We were able to help children who used to have violent behavior outbursts, obsessive compulsive behavior, sensory issues with the right Homeopathic medicines. Parents should also continue the therapies and should also have a rational , realistic goal which can be achievable .

The aim should be make the child independent so in the future they can live on their own. Some of the other issues that can be faced are in a school where there can be complaint every now and then try to meet the management of the school and make them understand what are the requirements and how the issues that the child is having can be handled in a positive way. This has helped quite some parents who came to us and we tried to resolve these by spreading awareness and some case the inclusive education for ably disabled has also made an impact. Check for the facilities that your country provides for autistic individuals and take the benefit.

Let's join hands to make living Simple and Easy for ably disabled and be more empathic towards the families.