Role of Homeopathy in Autism by Dr. Santosh Joshi (Early intervention for Autism)

Autism is considered a spectrum disorder because symptoms and severity vary from individual to individual. Autistic children express differently from each other.

Autism is characterized by failure of the child to develop communicative language or form proper social communication. But they show motor and other skills far beyond that of a mentally retarded child.

Some of them are obsessively pre occupied with inanimate objects such as lights, running water or spinning objects. Some of them gradually develop extreme talents such as in mathematics and these are retained mostly throughout the life.

Studies of people with autism have found abnormalities in several regions of the brain which suggest that autism results from a disruption of early fetal brain development

Coming to the point, What Homeopathy has to offer for these Autistic children? And help them lead a better life. The best part of Homeopathy is that we have medicines that cover these peculiar symptoms that these Autistic children exhibit. Based on these symptom totality the right Homeopathic remedy that suits the individual child is prescribed. To understand this we have illustrated a case of Autistic child successfully treated in our online and virtual clinic.

Case presentation:

Based on 'Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders' - Fourth Edition by the American Psychiatric Association, Washington, DC, we can classify each of the cases in the following way:A total Of 6 or more items of the following with at least 2 from [1], and one each from [2] and [3] are satisfied by the patient:

1. Qualitative impairment in social interaction:
  • Marked impairment in facial expression
  • Failure to develop peer relationships
  • A lack of spontaneity in sharing interests
  • Lack of social or emotional reciprocity
2. Qualitative impairment in communication:

Marked inability to initiate or sustain conversation with others.

3. Restricted, repetitive and stereotyped pattern of behavior

Encompassing preoccupation with one stereotyped and restricted pattern.

We treat the cases on the individual basis, keeping in mind the various expressions that are manifested by the child.

Case of Autism Spectrum Disorder treated with Homeopathy

A male child age 2 1/2 yrs was brought to our consultation room for treatment of Autism. On the C.A.R.S score he obtained 33 point which indicates mild to moderate Autistic features. The child had three episodes of seizures at the age of 5 months. The parents reported that he is overactive and most of the time he doesn't sit still. He usually plays with himself and does not play much with pears.

The parents also reported that if he interacts with children he would usually hit them, pull their hair etc. Also he does not respond when he is taught some thing, when asked to follow instructions. He some times expresses his joy when he sees some relatives, guests or known people but does not interact much with them. When he is angry he bangs his head in anger, shouts and throws temper tantrums. He is very obstinate by nature and if the demands are not met he throws temper tantrums.

The child was very hyperactive when he came to our consultation room. He did not sit in one place but moved around the room. The child has eye contact for a short span. He does not respond to any verbal command. Occasionally he communicated by non verbal means like touch.

The child also makes continuous babbling and specific noise. The child loves to listen to fast song and rhythmic music and he will dance to the tune. Besides this the child makes specific movements of the hands like waving of the hands and he will bang things, look at them and starts laughing.

We asked the mother if she had any emotional trauma or stress during the pregnancy. She replied that she had a good pregnancy and she had no major tensions during her pregnancy.

Mile stones of the child:
  • Birth weight: 3 kgs
  • Age of walking: 1 yr 6 months
  • Age of eruption of first tooth: 6 months
  • Speech development: he developed 2-3 mono-syllabus but now that has also disappeared.
Personal history:
  • The child feels very hot and he wants the fan and air-conditioner most of the time.
  • The child loves to eat spicy food, salt, lemon, banana and cold drinks
  • He has strong aversion to sweets.
  • He has severe constipation and passes motion once in 2 days. He has to strain a lot.
  • He has fear of fire.
  • He used to walk on toes earlier.

On careful analysis and evaluation of the case history, the patient was prescribed Tarentula Hispanica. He was given 3 doses and was asked to report after 14 days. After 14 days the mother reported that the flapping motion of the hands has increased. He is lost in his own world but a positive sign was that the child had started to play with children; he sleeps for a longer period. His constipation has reduced. Now he responds after being called for 2-3 times, earlier which was absent. Patient was given Sacrum Lactis for 14 days.

The patient reported restlessness, head banging, disturbed sleep, and chest congestion, better when he sleeps in knee chest position. Thirst for large quantities of water, feels very hot and desires to uncover. The patient was prescribed Medorrhinum, 3 doses and was asked to report after 14 days. The child showed marked improvement in all his complaints. His attention span has increased, his restlessness has decreased. Chest congestion is better. He plays with children and the most important part was he stared to speak single words. The patient was under our treatment for 1 1/2 yrs and he showed continuous improvement in his Autistic symptoms and now he has stared to go to school for special needs where he under goes therapies.

Homeopathy plays an important role in the treatment of Autism as the Homeopathic remedies acts at the level of Psycho-neuro-endocranial axis. Homeopathic remedies helps in bringing back the imbalance to a balanced state. The right Homeopathic remedy has the potential to treat complex disorders with good success, if it is practiced in the right way. To see the desired result in the Autistic children along with Homeopathy Occupational therapy, speech therapy etc is must. Counseling of the parents, relatives and care givers is necessary to make them understand the complexity of the disorder and to handle and help the child in the right way. The right Homeopathic medicines and other therapies can bring out the best qualities in these special children who are gifted with special talent.

Case 2:

Recently we had a case where the child was a Autistic kid and was very destructive used to get immense pleasure after breaking things. This was wonderfully covered by a remedy known as Tarentula.H which was given after careful analysis and evaluation. After this the child is showing marked improvement.

If we know the correct details about the child's behavior the characteristic expressions the physical complaints we can select the right remedy from the Homeopathic materia medica. This similar remedy should be able to bring about the necessary change required.

We have been treating few cases of Autism spectrum disorder which have been steadily improving .Along with the medication the children also go to special school that helps them to be independent and teach then the things that will help them in the future.

Key measures to be followed:
  • A correct History of the Child including the Behavior.
  • Noting down the expressions of the patient.
  • Physical complaints conditions of aggravation & Amelioration.
  • Education in special school to make them self efficient.
  • Approach to the patient based on individuality.
  • Selection of the remedy after analysis and evaluation.
  • To consider the response and the likely line of treatment.
  • Maintaining a Note book and noting the changes that occur to evaluate the case.
  • We can definitely help the autistic children.
  • Clear detailed history is required.
  • Differentiate closely related medicines.
  • Give the medicines till the patient is better.
  • Get the patient evaluated by a Psychiatrist and Psychologists.

Note : The remedies prescribed in the cases should not be taken in any case without the advice of a registered Homeopathic doctor.