Homeopathic treatment for Speech in Autism Treated by Dr.Santosh Joshi

This was a case of a young 4 years old boy who was brought to our consulting room by his aunt and parents.They were all very worried as he was the only child in their family right now. The challenges faced were, the child was extremely hyperactive and there was no proper speech.

The child was very Hyperactive , jumping from one place to another, and when stopped used to get violent.The parents were giving therapy to the child but still the improvement was not happening so they turned to Homeopathy.

Homeopathic treatment for Autism has helped many children who are on the autism spectrum, be it lack of eye contact, cognitive skills, speech development, sensory and behavioural problems to name a few.

Besides the above symptoms the parents also said that the command following of the child was limited, he was unable to play with other children. As he was unable to follow the rules it was becoming a major problem as the child was getting more isolated.

Some of the other sensory symptoms were eating a limited set of food, difficulty in hair cutting and tooth brushing.

Fortunately for the parents they were told about the benefits and how safe Homeopathic medicines are by one of our patients.As many therapist and Developmental Paediatricians ask parents not to give Homeopathy because of their ignorance.Many patients suffering from autism miss out on the Homeopathic treatment.This is the very reason Dr.Joshis Center for Autism conducts Autism awareness campaigns to make Healthcare workers and people aware about Benefits of Homeopathy as a treatment modality in Autism.

So after taking the complete case history which is mostly done by Dr.Santosh Joshi and Dr.Varsha Patel Joshi Founders of Dr.Joshis Center for Autism we selected the Homeopathic medicine for the child and gave it.

The parents were told to come after a month for follow up and were advised to continue the therapy and not to give a break.After 1 months of Homeopathic treatment the child was showing minor improvements .The mother told the child is little less Hyperactive , he can sit for few minutes for his classes.

The parents were very happy to see the improvement which they were waiting for, also they were happy that they made a choice to give Homeopathy.Further medicines were given and they were asked to report after 1 month.

During the next follow up further improvement was seen the child was less Hyperactive, could sit for 30 minutes and do his activity.His speech was also showing improvement where he was able to make proper used of monosyllabic words as per the situation.Besides his sensory needs had also decreased.

The Child showed persistent improvement in all the areas.The child is under our treatment for the past 2 years and now he attends his Online classes, his speech has further improved and he can now talk in sentences.Hyperactivity has reduced to a great extent .

Overall with the right Homeopathic treatment the child who was not showing much progress with therapies was benefitted with the Integrated approach treatment .At Dr.Joshis Center for Autism we are a strong advocate for an Integrated treatment involving Homeopathy-Nutrition and Therapy.