Autistic Baby Girl treated with Homeopathy - All the Autism signs and symptoms are absent now

This is a case of 2 years 9 months old girl who came to us for treatment of Autism with Homeopathy. What bothers the mother most is that she doesn't respond or pay attention to any other person's call except her mother's voice. Similarly the case of maintaining eye contact with mother is good and she can maintain eye contact for a long but not with others.

If anyone calls her pet name in a different tone other than the usual one she will respond with a smile. The child also throws lot of tantrums and is uncontrollable; she is very fussy and is very hyperactive. At times she does daring things and is not afraid at the same time she is very careful not to hurt herself.

Some of the factors that increase the severity of the complaints are:
  • Change in her sleeping timings
  • Change in her feeding timings
  • Presence of noise that she doesn't like
  • Presence of some unknown person

CARS test score was 35.5

Personal History:
  • Cravings: Eggs and Chocolates, ice
  • Thirst: half glass of water every 30 minutes.
  • Perspiration: Not much
  • Urine: normal
  • Stools: Once in 2 days on an average, Stools are hard sometimes.
  • Sleep and Dreams: The child sleeps for 8 hours at night and 2 hours in the afternoon. The position in the sleep is on the sides or sleeps in the Knee chest position. Sometimes she is not comfortable in the sleep. There is no information about the dreams as the child is not communicating fully.
Milestones of Development:
  • Birth weight: 2.950 kilograms
  • Age of walking:11 months
  • Age of talking: Speaks alphabets can't remember the age of talking
  • Eruption of the first teeth: 11 months
Mother's emotional state during pregnancy:

the mother was stressed during the pregnancy and it was quite severe.

The child feels very hot on the whole and she doesn't cover herself even if it is very cold.

Symptoms considered:
  • Sleep position: Knee chest position
  • Hyperactivity, restlessness
  • Stools Hard, constipation
  • Feels very hot
  • Ice desires


Date Follow up Prescription
1/7/12 -
  • Medorrhinum 200
  • 1 powder to be taken at night 1 doses once in 15 days for 1 month
  • The parents reported with improvements in the eye contact. The tantrums have reduced; the stools are not hard but well formed. Not much change in communication.
  • Continue the same medicine.
  • Able to capture words
  • Eye contact has improved but still not upto the mark.
  • Started to communicate will say Bye and even wave a flying kiss.
  • Sometimes has tantrums.
  • Continue the same medicine.
  • Overall much improvement in the eye contact. Started to go to preschool and is doing well. Communicating well, also the tantrums have reduced.
  • Continue the same medicine

The child is now communicative, and goes to the school and is doing quite well.Recently when the parents took her for reassessment the pediatricians came to a conclusion that there are no symptoms of autism present right now.she is able to identify the nursery rhyme , She is also able to tell all the alphabets in order with the related word and numbers from 1 to 25 without a mistake.

Role of Homeopathy in Autism:

The major areas of concern of most of the parents of Autistic children who come to us are poor cognitive skills, Obsessive compulsive behavior, violence, temper tantrums, hyperactivity, and attention deficit.

Our aim in cases of autistic children is to reduce the hyperactivity, increase the attention span and reduce the sensory issues. In certain cases the children have shown tremendous improvement and potential. Also along with homeopathic medicines counseling of the parent and to observe the special skill in the child is very important.

Homeopathic remedies bring about a healthy change by stimulating the internal healing mechanism of the body. It also corrects the imbalance and helps in reduction of hyperactivity, increasing the cognitive skills, eye contact, and overall improvement in the individual.