Severe Autism finds relief with Homeopathy

A small girl aged 2 years 6 months was brought to our consultation for the severe sensory and behavioural issues the child was totally lost within herself. The child was moving the fingers constantly in front of her face, and constantly humming.

The situation was alarming that the child was not at rest for even for few movements throughout the day. The child would be lost within herself and walking humming, flapping the hands, no response to name, no eye contact was there. The child would eat only few food items, not allow to brush teeth, cut hair, or nails.

The child was a small frame child, mother told music was something that she loved a lot. A slow and melodious music would make her calm down. In treating any child or a disorder in Homeopathy we need to understand what are the symptoms of the disease and what the symptoms of the individual. This is important because we need to diagnose a disease or disorder and at the same time should be able to find the right homeopathic medicine that suits the individual.

Understanding the characteristic symptoms of the individual helps in finding the right remedy for the individual, in the above case the affinity to music was very characteristic and such symptoms should not be ignored in front of a Homeopath as these symptoms will help him in finding the right medicine after careful analysis and evaluation of the case.

Coming back to this case we were treating we went through the assessment reports of the child, understood the dietary status and the therapies that were going on.

Following were the areas of concern:

  • Sensory symptoms
  • Flapping of hands
  • Humming
  • Restlessness
  • Speech absent
  • No communication
  • Absorbed buried in thought

Based on various video clipping and studying the behaviour of the child and inputs from the parents the child was given a Homeopathic medicine after careful analysis and evaluation.

First Follow up

The child was humming constantly no change was observed and the parents reported the same. There was not much improvement visible but mother said she could see some positives but was unable to explain. We also made a note of the observations and no change in the medicine was made. The parents were asked to follow up after 1 month.

2nd Follow Up

The humming remained unchanged, improvement in the hand stimming was observed, the sensory issues were little less, fleeting eye contact was observed, sleep was better. Rest of the symptoms not much change.

3rd Follow Up

The humming is little less, the child now interacts a little with her mother, hand stimming is less, hyperactivity is marginally better. Sensory issues are less now she allows to cut nail, tooth brushing. Sitting in one place for therapy has increased and her behaviour has also improved.


Homeopathic medicines have shown encouraging results in children who are on the autism spectrum disorder. In the above case where the child is severely autistic is showing lot of improvement, now the child is interacting with parents, her humming has stopped and she tries to vocalise few words. Along with this the behavioural issues, eating habits all are improving on a regular basis. The best part is that the child is not showing regression. So, a correct Homeopathic case management along with therapies and nutritional intervention can make a positive change in the child.