Speech development with Homeopathy in Autism

One of the major concerns and questions that parents have in children on the Autism spectrum disorder is speech development and intelligent speech. We have seen that developing speech in completely nonverbal children takes time. In cases where the child is speaking few words, development of intelligent speech and vocabulary takes place as the child’s understanding improves.

One must understand developing speech is a complex mechanism sometimes parents get edgy thinking it’s taking lot of time and nothing is happening. In such situations, it is better to understand from the treating team about the things that can be done rather than lose heart.

We have seen in many cases of autism that when the child is given Homeopathic medicines along with the therapies the chance of developing speech are more. One such case was a child who was severely autistic and nonverbal came to us for Homeopathic treatment.

The child was not speaking a single word, no babbling, sensory issues, social withdrawal and most of the symptoms of autism were present. The plus point in this case was the diagnosis was done at an early stage and the parents had both accepted about the autism diagnosis. They were quite positive in working with the child to achieve the best results. We were also very happy to see the positive attitude of the parents and acceptance which solves much of the problems in treating severely autistic children.

The complete case study was taken by Dr. Joshi and after careful analysis and evaluation the child was prescribed the homeopathic medicines and was advised to continue the therapies. Homeopathic medicines have the potential to treat the children on autism in a safe manner. The parents were advised to observe if they see any change that happens in the child, in most of the cases we see that the child’s sleep is better, they are more relaxed, irritability is less, developing of fleeting eye contact to name a few.

Said that in certain cases it takes time up to 2-3 months to see the change taking place, in certain cases the results can be faster, but it is important to understand results always differ from case to case. In the above case the child started to respond positively in a matter of 1 month with increased eye contact, lack of irritability and good sleep.

As the treatment progressed the child started to respond to his name, started to relate to his parents. Once the child was relating to the parents there was more happiness in the family. The parents were playing critical role in giving regular follow ups and taking the child for therapies. Besides this the parents were understanding about the complexity in treating children who are on Autism spectrum.

We at Dr. Joshi’s Center for Autism work in achieving the goals sometimes the emotional turmoil may need counselling of the parents and the family. It’s all an emotionally charged atmosphere and we deal with parents from across the globe. Our expertise in treating Autism with Homeopathy, Nutrition over the years gives us an in-depth look in the issues families face when they have a child who is on the autism spectrum.

This small kid was improving day after day and we were all happy to see him grow, some setbacks were faced with recurrent respiratory infections, fever but these were also handled. The child started to babble and start making mouth movements like trying to speak but nothing was coming out only a hiss or some empty words. This was very interesting as a case where the child who is severely autistic starts to understand and attempts to speak is a wonderful experience for the parents and for us it’s so satisfying to make a positive change in a family.

This child is under our treatment for the last 4 years the child is verbal now, speaks to his parents, has friends, goes to a school with a shadow teacher and doing very good. His ability to comprehend has increased, along with decrease in sensory issues and many of the symptoms of autism. The aim of bringing these cases of autism treated with Homeopathy – Nutrition and Therapies is that how Homeopathic medicines are playing a major role in treating children who are on the autism spectrum disorder. Dr. Joshi’s Center for Autism is leading in the treatment of Autism with Homeopathy-Nutrition and Therapies.