FAQ’s on Homeopathy for Autism Treatment

Will Homeopathy Cure Autism?

As Autism is a Disorder and not a Disease, so it has to be managed, we have seen with the Homeopathic treatment the child improves in comprehending to situations, develops intelligent speech, reversal of sensory issues to name a few. In certain cases, we have seen complete reversal of the child who was on Autism spectrum disorder.

When to Start Homeopathic treatment for Autism?

Ideally Homeopathic medicines should be taken before and during pregnancy to reduce the chances of developing autism. Homeopathic treatment should be started for autism as soon as the symptoms of autism are visible. As early start of homeopathic treatment will give maximum benefit to the child on the autism spectrum disorder.

How long should Homeopathic medicines need to be given for Autism?

At Dr. Joshi’s Center for Autism we have seen that children who took Homeopathic medicines for 2 years had a remarkable improvement. If the child is diagnosed at 20- 24 months of age, then it is advisable to keep the homeopathic treatment up to 5 years.

When Does One Start seeing improvement with Homeopathic medicines?

The time frame varies from case to case but we have seen in most of the cases the results start as soon as the first month of Homeopathic treatment. We have also seen in cases of behavioural issues in adult, adolescent individuals on autism spectrum respond very fast when the right homeopathic medicine was prescribed. In these cases, co-operation from the parents and care givers is also very important.

Are Homeopathic medicines safe to be given to small children?

Yes, Homeopathy is completely safe to be given to small children. There are no side effects but one should never give homeopathic medicines without consulting a qualified Homeopathic doctor.

How to Store the Homeopathic medicines?

Homeopathic medicines have to be stored away from direct sunlight, strong odours, perfumes, camphor. It should not be kept in a refrigerator as the medicines will catch moisture and will be of no use. It should also be kept away from children as they are sweet to taste children can eat all of it always keep medicines in lock and key.

What to expect after giving Homeopathic medicines?

Once the Homeopathic medicine is started after careful analysis and evaluation we see improvement in sleep, sensory issues, eye contact, comprehension, cognitive skills. One will see gradual improvement in the child. In certain cases, the kid’s simultaneous improvement is observed in all the areas. Even if one sees 1 % improvement in the child it means that the treatment is going in the right direction.