Submission of Homeopathic Case History for Autism

In order to give a clear idea of what is expected from the patient this is a small article which will put some light on the details that are required.

In Homeopathy we treat the individual as a whole for e.g. if the person is having a problem with the Liver not only the liver condition will be looked into but to arrive at the right remedy we will require the emotional nature in details, if there are any causative factors that have led to the present situation, and also the characteristic symptoms.

So in the chief complaints the patient should mention what is the condition that has brought the person to seek help. The condition the increases the problem as well as the condition that relieves the complaints should be mentioned.

The sensation that is experienced should also be mentioned. If there is any associated symptom along with the main complaint that should be mentioned in details.

Give a full account of the emotional nature

Please mention the ups and downs in life any major emotional shock that the patient experienced for e.g. Disappointment in love, Passing away of a loved one etc and how it has affected him/her has to be mentioned.

The patient should also give details of his childhood as to how it was and how his emotional nature then. Here the patient's parents can make a substantial contribution.

Also mention if you have fears for e.g. fear of Darkness, Ghosts, High places, Animals, water etc it can be any fear that the person experiences that has to be mentioned.

If the patient suffers from any anxiety that also has to be mentioned what type of anxiety he suffers from Anticipatory anxiety, Agitational anxiety etc.

Educational career and qualifications

Mention the educational career in details. Give a clear account of the Job satisfaction, any stresses at the work place experienced. Also mention if the career selected was your choice or it was forced upon you.

Intellectual attainments and Aspirations

Write in details to what extent you have been able to realize and attain your intellectual attainments and aspirations. Give the full idea of your responsibilities in life and what you feel about it.


Give a clear idea about the relationships with Family members, friends and colleagues. If there are any conflicts or if any tensions arising from any relationship please mention in details.

The patient should also tell what he craves in his food and what he is averse to. The reaction to the surroundings is also important in knowing the thermal state of the patient.

Sleep and Dreams

It should be noted with great care how the sleep is what position the patient sleeps in. Also the importance of the dreams is to be kept in mind. The patient should make it a point to note down the dreams that he gets. This can be very useful in selecting the right medicine. So the patient shouldn't neglect this important aspect in the case taking. If the patient has a habit of talking, walking making gestures in sleep should also be noted down.


Here the patient should mention any problems that are experienced during or after sexual intercourse. If there is increased or decreased desire that also has to be mentioned.

Also include the menstrual and obstetric history.

Importance of past history should be kept in mind

So the patient is supposed to make a note of the previous illness and to what extent they have affected him should be noted

Family history

Make a note of the diseases that are prevalent in the family.

Please scan all the medical reports and send them.

The history has to be send via E-mail or as it is convenient for the patient.

If there are further queries regarding the submission of history feel free to write to us .

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