AIMSELF autism intervention Via Music Therapy

An integrated intervention system combining a number of well established methods with a core methodology of Heritage Indian yogic sciences. It is a method to retune an autistic individual to function as a part of society with maximum possible self-sufficiency. Here, we use music and sound energy management to support a rearrangement and tuning of a person. It is a completely natural intervention with no internal medication administered at any stage. Simple external herbal applications may be used to support calmness and concentration.

It is a systematic method that works towards a single goal of developing autistic individuals as self sufficient functioning members of the society. The implementation is custom designed for each individual based on their personality, social background, and habits.

Benefits :

We believe that all autistic individuals have extra-ordinary ability and skill. The intervention is designed to identify and develop those skills to a level where the child can lead self-sufficient lifestyle. The programme is completely natural, does not involve any internal medication and is custom designed for each individual based on their personality, social background. Sound Energy Management : Based on elementary principles and ability of sound energy to re-arrange formations within the body.

  • Helpful to re-tune an autistic individual to a more stable functioning
  • Sound Energy transmission to the nerves directly or indirectly.
  • External scientific sound applications related with music therapy
  • PIT - Psychological Intervention Therapy using rhythm and harmony : Shaping a systematic mindset and lifestyle.
  • Using classical performances, existing habits or systems already in place.

Intervention format : The programme is largely divided into three phases:

  1. Identification and classification
  2. Development of individual capability
  3. Job placement, self-sufficiency & extra-ordinary/‘savant’ skill development

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