Speech Therapy at Dr. Joshi's Center for Autism

The role speech plays in our life is significant. Development of speech from our childhood is complex. It attaches us to the world and it portrays our personality to the world. Speech has an impact on many things that we do from making friends, choosing our career, talking to our superiors and making successful social attachments. In short, it affects our quality of life.

There are many systems that work together for normal speech and language development. These systems involve neurological system, respiratory system, sensory system, articulatory system and resonatory system. Disruption in any of these areas can result in speech, language and communication disorders. This can be manifested from childhood to old age. Major disorders treated by the speech therapists are children with autism, mentally challenged, attention deficit hyperactive disorder, learning disabilities, specific learning disability, hearing loss, articulation disorder, voice disorders, communication disorders following brain insult, stammering, and feeding disorders.

Indicators to see a Speech therapist:
  • Difficulty following commands
  • Only follows simple gestures
  • Behavior such as anger, crying and throwing objects are exhibited
  • Difficulty to learn new task
  • Group interaction is limited
  • Academic performance are poor
  • Delay in development
  • Speech is difficult to be understood by others
  • Can understand others’ speech but hesitate to speak to others
  • Unable to formulate words or sentences.
If you notice any of these, it is best to take advice from a Speech Therapist.

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