Sitting tolerance in Autism and Homeopathic treatment - By Dr.Santosh Joshi

One of the most challenging areas is improving the sitting tolerance of children who are suffering from Autism.We get many parents who come to us for improvement in this area , as if the child is not sitting in one place it is very difficult to give therapy and education.

Homeopathy has many medicines which have helped children in this area , we also encourage parents to continue the therapies as it also forms an important aspect of treating autism.We will discuss one such case which we were treating at Dr.Joshis Center for Autism.

A 4 year old child and his mother came to us for improving sitting tolerance , concentration and focus along with the areas of cognitive skills.The family had moved to India from USA for exploring treatment options in India.

The Child was a case of mild to moderate case of autism as per the established diagnosis , he was very hyperactive and was unable to sit in one place even for few minutes.This was causing a major challenge in giving therapy or getting anything done from the child.The child was already taking some modern medicines which was also not helping him.

We observed the child was very aggressive in nature and had extra bodily hair , he was always feeling very hot and wanted the air condition and fan on. As we were taking the case we asked in what position the child sleeps and the mother told he sleeps in the knee chest position.

These points which are specific to the individual are very important for Homeopathic selection of medicines that suit the individual. Homeopathy is a individualised form of treatment so case history and experience in the field of Homeopathy and Autism helps in achieving the desired results.

We asked about the pregnancy details which was mostly uneventful and mother was also not stressed out during pregnancy.So they were worried why even after taking all the care the child is suffering from Autism.As there is a long way in understanding why Autism happens so one should focus on how to make the child independent and help him.As many a times precious time is lost when parents don't accept the diagnosis and stay in denial.

Along with the above symptoms the child also had less eye contact, response to name was also limited.The child was in a position to follow few simple commands.The speech was also not meeting the developmental milestones.The clarity of speech in the few words the child was speaking was not clear.

Luckily in this case the parents had accepted the diagnosis and were working towards improving the child.We also saw the videos of the child during online sessions. After careful analysis and going through the assessments and medical reports we selected the Homeopathic medicine that suited this kids case.

We asked the mother to report after 1 month with a follow up , the mother reported with marked improvement in the sitting tolerance and the child was now sitting for 10 minutes for a session and there was improvement in the eye contact and speech. Still the mother was not sure what was causing the improvement . We explained that an integrated treatment with Homeopathy , Nutrition and therapies have helped many children.

The child was continued on the same medicine for another month with changes in the power of the medicines and was asked to report after 1 months time.During the second follow up also the child showed further improvement in sitting tolerance, new words were developing and the clarity of speech was also improving.At this time the parent had a follow up with the modern medicine doctor and the mother was encouraged to stop the Homeopathic medicines.This is a big area of concern as some doctors even though they are not experts in Homeopathic Stream of medicine but will give adverse comments.

We explained the benefits of the Homeopathic medicines which are completely safe and can be given for long term without any side effects. Also the children who have improved with the help of Homeopathic medicines have showed persistent improvement and even after stopping the medicines the improvement that was achieved has not regressed on most of the cases.

The child was improving and we were hopeful that the child will get Homeopathic treatments for some duration but unfortunately this was the last follow up we got .The intention of mentioning this is that take a informed decision talk with your Homeopathy about the Homeopathy cause he can guide you best.Dr.Joshis are running campaigns to help people understand about Autism , Homeopathy ,Nutrition, role of early intervention and Therapies .