Post stem cell aggravation in autism and Homeopathy treatment

These days lot of cases come to us asking the role of stem cell therapy in Autism, but as per the current data and information available in India, it is known that stem cell for autism has not yet been implemented by the government but it is a clinical trial which is going on. But unfortunately, this case of autism came to us for post stem cell aggravation and if Homeopathy can provide any relief in this case.

The case of a boy who was under 10 years of age, and he was showing signs of severe hyperactivity, loss of eye contact not following any commands and removing all the clothes and rubbing of the private parts.

The parents tried to consult the doctors who conducted the procedure of stem cell but they only offered that continue the Therapy and the child shall improve the parents were completely dismayed by this response as the child was anyways improving before the stem cell treatment.

So they were searching if Homeopathy can help them in this situation as in the past they had good results with Homeopathy, but they thought that by doing stem cell treatment the child will recover completely. We are of the opinion that when we go through such treatment or any medical treatment one should ask a question and be aware of what consent they are giving.

So now the child is in this stage and we come in the picture with our experience in dealing with kids who are on the autism spectrum and are going through this phase we took the complete case history and selected the Homeopathic medicine that suited the acute phase that was being exhibited.

In Homeopathy a careful case taking is very important as it is an individualized form of treatment and giving the right homeopathic will bring in relief to the suffering individual. A lot of people think that Homeopathy is very simple to practice and anyone can do it. But thats, not the case Homeopathy is a quite deep and scientific method of treatment if one is not properly trained in this system then the desired results may not be achieved.

We had a detailed discussion with the parents as we can help the child but they will have to keep some patience and avoid certain types of food which may further aggravate the existing issue the parents agreed and we gave the homeopathic medicine in the LM potency and waited to see how the child responded.

The parents called on the 3 days of the medicine to inform that the acuteness of the hyperactivity and removing clothes has gone down and he was much calm. We advised the parents to continue the medicine and get back for a followup after 14 days.

During the next follow up there was a marked improvement in the acute condition and the child had settled up to 80 percent. A note needs to be made that acute exacerbations will have a fast resolution but results may vary.

After this, the constitutional Homeopathic treatment for autism was started and the child is showing persistent improvement in his symptoms and goes to school and does his day to day activities. Autism is a complex Neurological disorder and care should be taken before one embarks on invasive treatment, to prevent deterioration.

We have seen that Homeopathic medicines have played a constructive role in improving the sensory issues, cognitive skills and overall development of the child. We also have noted that therapy and Nutrition are also a critical part of the autism intervention. So all the best treatments which are safe for the child should be given in consultation with the experts in the field of Homeopathy.

So when you are thinking about the treatment of Autism keep in mind Homeopathy can go a long way in bringing the best out of your child without any side effects.