Autism and Severe constipation treated with Homeopathy

Autism is a complex neurodevelopment disorder that has multiple symptoms. Common symptoms of Autism are hyperactivity, speech delay, repetition, obsessive-compulsive behavior, etc. besides this the child also faces symptoms like severe constipation, oral sensitivity due to which the child takes only selected food.

In the above case which came to us through our website, the child was diagnosed with moderate to severe Autism. One of the major challenges the child was facing was severe constipation. The child was on laxatives and prune juice on a daily basis for months together, even after this the child had difficulty in passing stools. On certain days the child was given an enema to clear the bowels.

In this case, we will see how Homeopathic medicines can play a major role in relieving the child not only from constipation but also gradual improvement was seen in all the areas.

As this was the long-distance case it was studied via our online treatment protocol. After the case, details sent by the parents and our observation of the child via video conferencing a detailed analysis and evaluation was done.

On our observation, the child was lost in her own world and wouldn’t respond to her name and even after calling 10 times she did not look up once. She showed extreme irritability with crying without reason. In spite of the cold weather, the child did not want to wear a sweater or warm clothes. The speech of the child was not developed. The child was extremely hyperactive and constantly flapping her hands.

We also took mother history during pregnancy and her mental state during pregnancy. It was a normal and happy pregnancy without any complications.

Based on the above symptoms we selected the constitutional medicine and a set of other homeopathic medicines that will be needed in the course of the treatment. This constitutional medicine and the Homeopathic kit was shipped to the parents. After the parents received the medicines, the child was given constitutional medicine and was asked to report after 14 days.

On the 1st follow up after 14 days we got a pleasant surprise that the child had no problems passing the stool. So the parents reduced the laxative and was put on prune juice for a few days. Also after stopping the prune juice the child had no difficulty in passing motions. This was the major change observed during the 1st follow up.

2nd follow up after 1 month, the improvement in the constipation was maintained and the child is completely off all the laxatives. Now the child is giving fleeting eye contact and sometimes responds to the name, irritability is also considerably better. child is sleeping well.

Consistent gradual improvement is seen in the child on each follow-up. The child is still under our treatment.Constipation is not a easy condition to treat, but with the right homeopathic treatment, we can relieve the patient from the sufferings. In certain cases, improvement may take more time as each individual is different and they respond to the treatment differently. Homeopathy is a very safe and effective mode of treatment and it is the 2nd largest medical science as per the World Health Organization.

These days there is a lot of misinformation propagated about Homeopathy, we have got good support from modern medicine doctors who are open to integrated treatment, but unfortunately, this number of doctors is very less. Always research and make an informed decision.

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Homeopathic medicines have proved their efficacy time and again in complex disorders and without any adverse reactions.Dr. Joshi’s Center for Autism is relentlessly working in the field of autism and educating people on how homeopathy treatment helps in Autism via their active campaigning in India and through social media. Dr.Joshis center for autism prides in being one of the leading centers for autism connect and also the curative therapy of Homeopathic which has helped patients from all over the world. Even in our busy schedule due to the use of technology we are in a position to give enough time to our patients and work with them as a team.

Dr.Santosh Joshi and Dr.Varsha Joshi travel extensively to reach out to people our work in rural sectors has helped kids who were in the lurch as there is a dearth of therapies and no support here in our centers Homeopathic treatment and guidance has made a difference in a number of children who are suffering from Autism.

We are working to give children positive impetus via the healing powers of Homeopathic medicines and bring the best in them. Till now we have seen some kids recovering so much that when the assessment is done they do not fit in the autism spectrum.

If you are a parent or an autism advocate do study the benefits of homeopathy from a reliable source as there is lot of misinformation about Homeopathy give your child the support of Homeopathy along with therapies.

Our mission at Dr.Joshis center for autism is:

To implement homeopathy, nutrition and therapies to autistic individuals, to EMPOWER them with SKILLS that can make them independent and to create opportunities across geographies.

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