Autism and Homeopathic treatment

A two and a half year old child came to us for the treatment of autism with homeopathy, the first thing that we observed was a very sad expression on the child's face. The eyes were deep set and the face was sunken .The glaring expression of the sadness on the child's face lead to several questions in our mind about how the family atmosphere was, were the parents treating the child properly so far and so forth. A note was made and this so that we can ask the parents and understand about the life space.

As the interview progressed further we observed that the family atmosphere was good and parents were very caring and did their best for the child. But the question still was unanswered about the sad expression then we asked the mother to tell us her emotional status during the pregnancy and we came to know that she used to be very sad and depressed and there was no cause that she could find about this state. But once the delivery was over she was normal. Sometimes the mother's emotional status can have an impact on the child.

The other areas of concern where, lack of eye contact, no speech, doesn't mix with children or anyone. The child also has excessive tantrums and crying when there is a change in routine, this is to the extent that if a daily route is changed then he will start crying loudly and will be inconsolable. On the CARS scale of reading the child was in the mild to moderate range of autism spectrum disorder.

We were also observing that the child was sighing and when we asked the parents they said he always does that, they have checked with the primary care doctor and there was nothing wrong with the lungs.

In homeopathy it is extremely important to observe and make a note of the characteristic symptoms expressed by the patient as these characteristic symptoms help in finding the right homeopathic medicine that suits the patient. This remedy that is selected as per the totality and characteristic symptoms is known as the constitutional homeopathic remedy for the patient. That's the reason why it is said that homeopathy is an individualized form of treatment. Coming back to the case this child had poor appetite, he looks very pale and on blood investigation it was found that the hemoglobin was low and also the platelet count was below the normal range. The other major concern for the parents was the recurrent bouts of allergies which lead to bronchitis and the child was on antibiotics on a regular basis. The parents wanted to treat this on priority basis and then focus on autism. At this moment we explained them how homeopathy takes care of the whole body and it is a holistic science of treatment.

The dietary habits of the child were also taken down and the child was put on the diet for autistic kids with which we have helped autistic children cope with their dietary needs as the sensory issues are also taken into consideration.The child also has a problem with sleeping and the sleep is quite disturbed. The case was analyzed and evaluated and also processed through the homeopathic software and then the line of homeopathic treatment was decided. The homeopathic remedy which was selected was from the plant kingdom and it was given in the lower potency as the immunity of the child was quite low.

First Follow up

The parents reported with a very mild change in the tantrums and his overall mood. The child slept well and the platelet count had come to the normal range. The expression of the child was little better but the sadness was very much evident. The same remedy was continued with controlled dosage. The parents were asked to come for a follow-up after a month.

Second follow-up

There was marked improvement the child now doesn't get disturbed if the routine pattern is changed and he is also adjusting very well in the school. His attention span has increased and a marginal improvement was seen in the eye contact. The sleep continues to be better; there is increase in the cognitive and the fine motor skills. The recurrent bouts of allergies has reduced so is the intake of antibiotics. Now the child follows single commands, the sighing is better and the sad expression is lesser then before but still persists.

Third follow-up

This follow up was quite amazing the child came to the clinic and smiled very mildly and it was a very happy moment for all of us. Even the parents said that now his sad expression is quite less. There was further improvement and the child is trying to speak words and he has also uttered his first word. The tantrums have reduced so is the ritualistic habits. The child now goes out in children and observes them sometimes he tries to take part in the game. The eye contact is better and he sleeps very well. The parents were quite happy with the improvement that they were observing in their child. They told that when they started the treatment they were not sure if the homeopathic treatment for autism will work out but now after looking at the results the doubt is removed. We explained that homeopathy has a potential but the art is in selection of the right remedy, regular follow ups and also the importance of therapy and diet plays a role too.


There have been further follow ups every month but we will now site the latest follow up in January 2014.The child came to the clinic and the sad expression has almost disappeared, he speaks a few words, follows commands and there is an improvement in the fine motors and cognitive skills. His eye contact is increasing and now he mixes with children a little bit more, tantrums and hyperactive have decreased to a great extent. The child now shakes hands and gives a flying kiss when he leaves the clinic. It is our continued effort to spread the importance of homeopathic treatment in children as early as possible which can make a lot of difference to the child's future.