Sensory issues in Autism treated with Homeopathy

A 3 years 2 months old child suffering from severe sensory issues due to autism was bought to our consultation room for homeopathic treatment. The child was putting everything in mouth and licks whatever e gets in his hand. The child also handles his private parts and if there is any noise he will cover his ears and he becomes uneasy.

The child also eats only specific food and dislikes any change in texture of the food; he also doesn't chew the food and mostly swallows the food.

The child is very restless and doesn't sit in one place he constantly runs from one place to another and the focus is also very less. When the child is taken for therapy the major issue is that the child doesn't concentrate or sit in one place. The child keeps smiling for no reason there is lot of anger present when he doesn't get what he wants. When angry the child will bite and pull hair and doesn't get pacified easily.

The child doesn't play with children of his age and there is no speech till now. The child loves to play in water and can spend hours together playing in water. There is lot of babbling but it's all meaningless. There is lot of separation anxiety and the child doesn't leave his mother. Otherwise the child is fearless and doesn't get scared of anything.

Developmental Milestones

Age of walking: 2 years Eruption of first teeth: 6 months the child used to have dentitional diarrhea which was treated with Homeopathy. Speech: Not yet developed.

The mother had no tensions during pregnancy except bleeding during the 3rd month of pregnancy but it was treated and she was alright.The pregnancy was planned and there is no history of any major illness in the parents.

Personal history:
  • Diet: Vegetarian
  • Appetite: Good
  • Cravings: Ice, Ice cream, tooth paste
  • Aversion ::textures, if the milk is changed then he will have diarrhea
  • Thirst: For large quantities of water.
  • Sleep and Dreams: sleeps in knee chest position, grinding of teeth in sleep earlier. Sleep is very less and is very restless and takes lot of time to fall asleep.
  • Urine: Normal
  • Stools: Normal. If he doesn't pass stools for 1 day he will become very restless.
  • Thermals:the child cannot bear heat and feel very hot .Even in cold weather he doesn't feel that cold.

Family history: No major illness

Remedy Selection and Follow ups

The remedy was selected after analysis and evaluation of the case history. The homeopathic remedy was prescribed in the 30c potency. The name of the remedy is not disclosed to prevent self medication. The patient was give 1 dose at bedtime for 14 days and the parents were asked to report. As the patient was from out station the next follow up was scheduled via video conferencing.


The parent reported that the putting of things in mouth is less. The child feels very hot and wants to be in cool place. The sleep is improved and he doesn't take much time to sleep. Hyperactivity is the same. When he goes out he doesn't like to walk. The licking of objects is also decreased. The same medicine was continued and the follow up was scheduled after a month. The parents were asked to report regularly on phone.


Biting in anger, doesn't cry now, sleep is better, but the anger has increased. Sensory issues are getting better. Babbling has increased. Eating is better now, chews food. Note should be made that in some cases we see rapid improvement but the results vary from case to case depending on the person's susceptibility and the intensity of the disorder. The same medicine was continued the potency was raised to 200c.


Crying since today morning as his uncle scolded him. This was a good improvement and the parents were happy as he could comprehend that someone is angry. Also the babbling has increased and he attempts to talk and puts pressure. Pulling of hair, biting, and anger have reduced markedly. The sensitiveness to sound where he used to cover his eyes is not marked now. The touching of private parts has decreased. His concentration during therapy is better and can focus better than before.

Conclusion of the case:

From the above explanation of the autism case it is evident that when the right homeopathic medicine is given in the right potency we see positive improvement in the individual. It is very important to understand the case and the peculiar expressions so it is easy to find the right remedy by individualization. In this case we were able to successfully resolve the sensory issues that the child was facing and treatment was continued. All the follow ups are not included here. The aim of this presentation is to bring to light the right homeopathic medicines along with proper follow ups can help the individual without any side effects.