Case of Autism with violent behaviour treated with Homeopathy.

A child was diagnosed with Autism at the age of three with severe behavioral problems. The child was restless and extremely hyperactive. The hyperactivity was in the form of constant jumping, climbing on the window panes and running from one room to another.

The child was extremely violent and used to beat up the parents badly, if he didn't get what he wanted. Sometimes the child had to be immobilized as there were chances of injury to him and others. In anger he used to break things, throw things, he would slap him self and clench fist in anger. The child is very aggressive by nature and he laughs when he is scolded. The child has no fear what so ever.

Besides this the child used to handle his external genital, removes his clothes and walk all around laughing. This behavior was very disturbing for the parents but they were unable to find the solution for the same.

The child loves to sing when he is in the mood. He doesn't interact or mix with children of his age group. He has a limited set of speech and his fine motor skills are very poorly developed.

He is obsessed with tearing, books, and paper. He doesn't like to brush his teeth, constantly puts things in mouth. He has grinding of teeth at night. He wants light on always. Earlier he used to walk on toes.

Mile stones:
  • Birth weight: 3 kg
  • Age of walking: after 1 year
  • Age of talking: before 2 years
  • Delivery was full term, cesarean section, as umbilical cord was around the neck.
Family history:
  • Paternal grand father: IHD
  • Maternal grand father: Depression
  • Father: Allergies
  • Mother: Dermatitis
Personal history
  • Diet: Non vegetarian
  • Appetite: Good
  • Cravings: biscuits, fruits, ice, eggs
  • Aversions: Lot of spicy food Thermals.
  • Thermals: feels hot
  • Perspiration: ++ generalized on the body
  • Urine / stool: had to use diapers. Not trained.


Date Follow up Prescription
16/07/08 -
  • Stramonium LM 1
  • 1 powder to be taken at night
  • 3 doses for 3 nights
  • ghts 13/08/08 Hyperactivity increased, Puts things in mouth, Playing with genitals has reduced, will tell if he wants to pass urine or stool but it is still erratic, anger slaps himself but mildly
  • Stramonium LM 1 3 doses for 3 nights
  • Hyperactivity has reduced
  • removing of clothes is reduces
  • playing with genitals is same
  • has started to talk few more words
  • Can hold a pencil now
  • No medicine
  • All the complaints are better No medicines Patient reported for 6 months with persistent improvement in all the faculties. Few doses of Stramonium LM1 were repeated in these 6 months. Patient stopped reporting for 3 years and came to us with complaints of allergy breathlessness..
  • Ct all for 4 weeks
  • Allergy and breathlessness, he was feeling very hot, burning of palms and soles, sleeps better while sleeping in knee chest position, had craving for ice. The child was also put on anti allergic medicines and anti depressing medicines as the child had become extremely violent. Used to hit people badly. Had become very obstinate. Self stimulatory behavior. Goes and hugs people. Sleeplessness. Hyperactivity has increased.
  • Medorrhinum 200 c One dose given dissolved in 32 table spoon of water
  • 08/09/11 Sleeplessness better, breathlessness is better, burning of palms and sole is not there, hyperactivity has reduced, and self stimulatory behavior has reduced.
  • No medicine