Severe Autism treated with integrated Homeopathy and Nutrition

A young couple came to us with their 3 year old son who was diagnosed with severe Autistic. The parents were well educated but still they did not know how to proceed with the treatment of their son, as they were told there is no treatment for Autism but to give only therapies. But as the child was not getting any better with only therapies they wanted to explore if there were any treatment modalities available. While searching the internet they came to know about Homeopathy and our center. They came to our center and had lots of questions regarding how Homeopathy and Nutrition is going to help their child along with the therapies.

The Dr. Joshi couple who treats Autistic children from across the world with integrated approach of Homeopathy and Nutrition, explained them in details about how Homeopathy has helped many Autistic children from mild to severe cases.

The parents were also counselled at our center to be more optimistic and accept the fact that the child is having problem and work with the child to see a positive improvement in the child.

They started with the Homeopathic and Diet program with us. As they lived away from our center they continued therapy near their location.

The child was having lots of sensory issues, he could not bear the sound of certain music, certain common noises. He would start to scream and cry aloud. Constant jumping, spinning and handling of genitals was observed. He was completely non verbal and couldn’t indicate his needs. Neither did he mix with children of his age group nor with the family members. Child used to cry often due to stomach pain and used to fall sick with recurrent respiratory tract infection.

After considering all the details and the dietary routine of the child homeopathic constitutional medicines was selected and a customized Gluten free and Casein free diet was designed for the child. The child was also given acute medicine for cold dough and stomach pain to be given as an when needed.

Parents were called for the follow after 2 weeks. The parents reported that they did not need to give antibiotics for the cold and cough in these 2 weeks. The child started to give fleeting eye contacts to the parents. The frequency of stomach pain was less. The child occasionally responded to his name.

Next follow up after 1 month. The parents reported with improvement in stomach pain, sensitivity to the noise was improving. He started to concentrate better at therapies.

After 1 years of treatment the child is going to normal school with a shadow teacher. He has started to sit for half hour and do the activities, started to write single letter. Speech has started to come, now he says ABCD and 1 to 20 and also indicated his needs in 1to 2 words. Is following all 1 step command and few 2 step commands. The child is still under our treatment and gradually improving.

With a correct selection of Homeopathic medicines and proper diet management along with the therapies we have seen tremendous improvement in Autistic children. Also when the parents are positive, patience and without losing faith have continued give all the 3 homeopathy, nutrition and therapies together the improvement has been consistent. According to our observations when the treatment is continued till the child is 5 years old lots of improvement seen in the child as the brain is still developing. Even after 5 years the improvement is seen in children but the pace of improvement may be slower.