Homeopathic treatment for Autism - Case Study

A 9 yr old child was brought to our consultation after they read about our specialized Homeopathic treatment and successfully treated cases of Autism on our website www.happylivin.com.

The main concern of the parents were:
  • Hyperactivity: the child used to run around from one end of the house to another end. And he had no concept about fear that he will get hurt.
  • Irrational fears: if he goes to a new place he will be afraid and he will constantly peep in the rooms and refuse to go inside. He also has excessive fear of darkness.
  • Anger and temper tantrums: when he is angry he will hit himself in the neck, he will sometimes bite himself. When he is very irritable he will talk very loudly and sit in one place forcefully and will not move from that place. He also spits when he is angry.
  • Obsessive behavior: some times he will do the same thing again and again like arranging the bottles in one row.
  • Lack of eye contact and timidity: His complaints started after 1 1/2 years of age when he was vaccinated for MMR, HIB, DPT vaccine. After vaccination he developed convulsions, which was followed by high grade fever. All his complaints started after this episode. His eye contact deteriorated and his hyperactivity increased to a great extent. After this he was put on allopathic medicines to control his anger and hyperactivity but still their was no change in his behavior.
Mothers state of mind during pregnancy:

Mother had lots of tension during pregnancy. She was under tremendous mental stress due to her personal problems. Besides this she developed bleeding during the last trimester and was on complete bed rest. The labor was prolonged.

The mile stones:
  • Birth weight: 6 pounds
  • Age was walking: 10 months
  • Eruption of first tooth: 6 months
  • Age of talking: does not talk yet
Personal history:
  • Appetite: normal
  • Craving: strong pungent food, bread butter
  • Aversion: bland food, sticky food
  • Urine, stool, perspiration: normal
  • Sleep and dreams: sleep disturbed very restless, hold someone near to him very tightly and sleeps.
  • Sometimes he plays with his external genitalia.
  • Past history: malaria
  • MRI of the brain: showing normal study
Patient was prescribed Strammonium LM3 for 14 days

Patient's mother reported that his hyperactivity has reduced to great extent. His teacher says he sits in one place now and his attention span has also increased. He is able to follow commands and gestures. His eye contact has increased. There is marked reduction in temper tantrums and in obsessive behavior.

This improvement in the child was observed in short span of 1 month with Homeopathic treatment. The patient is still under our treatment and we advice parents / caregivers to continue Homeopathic treatment on long term bases to get the desired results.