Case of Autism with severe sensory symptoms treated with Homeopathy

A 7 years old Autistic child was referred to us for severe sensory issues which were not coming under control with therapies.

The major embarrassing situation for the guardians was that the child would constantly play with his external genitalia especially his penis and also he used to get erections at this age. The child would like someone to constantly scratch him on his head. He would pass urine and stool and play with them.

Some of the other complaints were:
  • The child makes noise constantly and sometimes at a high volume
  • Would laugh involuntary
  • Likes to play in mud
  • Doesn't like new people
  • Hyper-extensible body and puts his body in spasm especially hands and feet
  • Rocking too and fro
  • Doesn't bite and eat food
  • Behavioral issues - bites, spits and pinches others
  • Hyperactivity
  • Violent by nature, hits others.
  • Cannot express himself
  • Walking on toes
  • Child is always happy has an idiotic smile
  • Keeps his mouth open always
Personal details:
  • The child has fear of darkness and sudden noise
  • Has craving for sour food
  • Mile stones delayed, no speech till now
  • Follows few command only
  • Obstetric history, cesarean section child didn't cry at birth, had respiratory distress and was in NICU for 15 days.


Date Follow up Prescription
20/12/2011 -
  • Stramonium 1M
  • 2 powder - 1 powder to be taken at night once in a week
  • The guardians reported after 2 months. They went to their village for 2 months so they were not able to continue the therapies and medications.
  • The child has become more hyperactive, violent, hits and bites. He constantly spits, continuously rocks to and fro. Gets startled and shouts.
  • When asked what was the effect of the medicine they said child was much better, calmer.
  • The guardians were explained importance of proper follow-up on tine in order to achieve the desired goals.
  • Stramonium 1M
  • Hyperactivity is better, violence has reduced, still handles the genitalia.
  • One important development was he goes to school on his own and doesn't trouble anymore.
  • Now is indicates if he wants to pass urine or stool and now is not playing with the excreta.
  • Stramonium 10M
  • 1 powder to be taken at night
  • All the complaints were better.
  • Now the child has started to follow commands, handling of the genitalia is not there. He trying to communicate.
  • Stramonium 10M
  • 1 powder to be taken at night

The child is showing consistent improvement in all the aspects but one setback we are facing is irregular follow-ups which causes major hurdle in achieving the desired results. As the child comes from a lower socio-economic group the guardians are hesitant to come as they cannot pay even though the fees were waved off. Homeopathic treatment for Autism can help in overall improvement in children suffering from Autism.