Case of Autistic Boy with excellent skill in playing Piano; Treated with Homeopathy

An interesting case of a young boy diagnosed with Autism. This boy was very talented and he has exemplary skills in playing the piano but was very hyperactive and the attention span was very less. There was lack of comprehension, certain sensory issues, putting the hands to the ears, arranging things in one order, lack of eye contact were few of the major concerns.

The parents were very co operative and they send us video clippings and we also had a video chat to understand the case as they were separated by distance, in such cases we take the help of modern technology which has been a boon in building these gaps. They were also provided with the Dr. Joshi's specialized Homeopathic case taking format for Autism.

On careful analysis and evaluation of the child following were the characteristic symptoms that were taken into consideration for treatment:
  • Sleep position: Knee chest position
  • Feels very hot want the Air conditioner on most of the times
  • Likes to keep himself uncovered even when it is very cold
  • Craving for Ice
Homeopathic Remedy given:

The child was prescribed Medorrihnum 200c one dose once in 15 days for 1 month was prescribed.

What we were able to achieve in this case:

The child showed marked improvement in all the faculties, the child was under our treatment for 2 years and he has recovered so much that he tops the school and goes to a normal school with special attention is provided to him. He has been playing his piano and has excelled in it. We are very happy that with the right Homeopathic medicine we could treat this child and bring the best in him.

Parent's role

The parents were extremely co operative in giving case history as per Dr. Joshi's specialized Homeopathic case taking format for Autism. This helped us in finding the right Homeopathic remedy that suited the child's constitution. They also gave regular feedback and followed Dr. Joshi's Specialized Homeopathic Treatment process for Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) as per the instructions.