A case of Autism with severe anemia and congenital abnormalities treated with Homeopathy

A 3.2 yr old child was brought to the consultation from the interiors of India. The child was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 3 years. He was in the range of moderate to severe range of Autism. Along with this he also had severe iron deficiency anemia and congenital heart deformity was also present.

The child was having severe sensory symptoms. The child puts all the things in his mouth and will also lick everything. Apart from this he puts his hands behind his ears and makes a specific noise. He also likes to touch his eyelashes constantly.

The other symptoms which were of great concern to the parents were:
  • Sleeplessness: he used to sleep for a very short period and even during that period of sleep he was extremely restless in his bed. Child always sleeps in knee chest position
  • Grinding of teeth in sleep
  • No social interaction, doesn't play with other children
  • Very minimum eye contact
  • Doesn't respond when called
  • Doesn't chew food just swallows
  • Babbling without any understanding
  • Constantly keeps moving will not sit in one place, marked hyperactivity. If he does not pass stool his hyperactivity increases
  • Constantly chews his collar
Emotional nature:

The child is very attached with his mother and will only sleep if his mother is around otherwise he will not sleep. If he doesn't get what he wants, he will get angry and will bite anyone, pulls his hair. There is marked fear when he has to walk on the road and while ascending the stairs, will need support of someone to go upstairs.

Mile stones:
  • Age of walking: 2 years
  • Eruption of 1st tooth: 5.5 months. Has dentitional diarrhea
  • Details of conception and pregnancy: it was a planned pregnancy
  • Both the parents have no health ailments.
  • During the 3rd month of pregnancy the mother suffered from bleeding which was treated
Personal history:
  • Thirst for large quantity of water
  • Appetite good
  • Craving for indigestible things eats tooth paste, ice-cream
  • Feels very hot on the whole, loves cold weather


Date Follow up Prescription
6/3/2009 -
  • A constitutional Homeopathic remedy was given
  • Patient was asked to report after 14 days
  • Mother reported with improvement in putting things in mouth
  • Little change in concentration, sleeping in knee chest position is less
  • Sudden crying in sleep was reported
  • Hyperactivity and restless is same
  • Same Homeopathic remedy was given
  • Patient was asked to report after 14 days
  • Crying in sleep has stopped
  • Biting and pulling of hair is less
  • Improvement in eye contact
  • Shouts, making an effort to talk
  • Aggression is less
  • Eating has improved, started to chew
  • Putting the hands behind the ear is less
  • blood investigation were done and his hemoglobin level has increased
  • Same Homeopathic remedy was given
  • Patient was asked to report after 14 days

The patient shows persistent improvement in all the spheres. The cognitive skills improved, comprehension has improved, and behavioral and sensory issues have reduced. The child now plays with children and shows emotional need and expresses them. With the right Homeopathic treatment for autism above results were achieved.