Positive outcomes in Autism with Homeopathy treatment

"Autism and Homeopathy treatment: A remarkable case where the child no longer shows signs of autism upon assessment."

While working in the field of Autism for the last many years what we would love to see is that all kids on Autism spectrum to improve to lead an independent happy life. So today we will share some of the cases of Autism which we treated and they improved so much that on assessment these kids didn't show any symptoms of Autism. Does this mean we cured them ? We would like to be very transparent to say Autism is a Disorder and Not a Disease.

So we are not saying we cure autism but positive outcomes are possible and we should give Homeopathy a Try.Here lets discuss a case of a child who came to us as there was not substantial improvement was not happening even though therapy was given .There was a also a problem where the parents were not ready to accept the autism diagnosis. The first thing that we tried to understand the current situation.

We came to know that the father has finally accepted that the child is having Autism but the mother is still reeling under the trauma of the Autism diagnosis to add to this the society in which they were staying was not supportive and all the time they used to complain about their child.The society members went to the extent of telling the parents that their child should not come near their kids.This was causing a massive trauma and mother has started suffering from Depression.

So we came in the picture as one of the patient we had treated who was in the similar situation was improving.So we took this case and explained the parents about the positive outcomes if we understand what can be achieved and why mental health of parents is essential in achieving the outcomes.

Luckily for this child things worked our as the father took the lead to see what best can be done. We took the case and saw the child was very intelligent and was very preoccupied and had stereo type behaviour. Number of issues with ritualistic behaviour, extremely good with academics.Speech was there but very limited to the day to day needs.There was no interactive speech and the vocabulary was also limited.

We also saw the child used to start play with chord or string when be became overwhelmed.There were lot of meltdowns and was very difficult to handle as the child used to cry and was very mild not aggressive.

So we continued to study the case and understand the mother state of mind during pregnancy, screen time give to the child, vaccination and therapy given.Once we had all the details we went to analyse the case and we selected the remedy that suited the case.As Homeopathy is a personalised form of medicine we need to understand each and every individual to find what suits that identity.

We advised the parents to report after a month and also provided insights about autism and what can be achieved if we work properly and keep a positive outlook.On the first follow up the father came with the child and I still clearly remember he looked up and saw me momentarily and gave some eye contact. I was very happy to see this and the father said some minor changes and nothing major they saw.

This is important to note than any positive change that you see after starting the Homeopathic medicine for autism has to be noted.So let the Homeopath decide the outcomes and what he/she feels about the follow up.So we explained the parents about what we feel and told them to continue the medicines and report again after a month. So the next follow up we came to know that the child is trying to talk more and also showing positive intent to go out and see children.Also the eye contact was better. He was doing very good in his academics and his writing was also improving.

So the parents were asked to follow up again after a month and like this the improvement progressed and we encouraged them to continue the therapy and not to stop it.Our experience says that an integrated treatment bears good results .So the child is under our treatment for a period of 3 years and the best part was when the child has improved so much that he has no current symptoms of Autism and he is doing very good in all the areas of his life.His speech is normal , he has 3 best friends, society is more accommodative.

So the parents went in for the yearly assessment and this time the child was not coming under the Autism spectrum disorder grading. This is just wonderful to see as it brings to the table the chance a child can develop and achieve many things. Not all cases can achieve this results but in our practice we have seen a number of kids doing exceptionally well . Again Early intervention is the key as we need time to see tangible results.

We continue our work in Autism to make society sensitive towards Autism and the role of Homeopathy and therapy that can bring a positive impact.

Healing with Homeopathy we continue our Journey in Autism and Homeopathic treatment.

24 Years in Homeopathy.