Non Verbal to Verbal a case of moderate to severe autism -Homeopathy-Nutrition-Therapy

A non verbal child aged 4 years came along with his parents to our Autism center and when the child entered our consultation room we were stunned to look the sad expression on the face along with sighing. The parents were very caring and they take their child for therapies regularly and took good care.

When he is angry he will hit, bite and will also hit himself, during such events he has to be distracted so that he can calm down. The child doesn't follow any command, there is minimal eye contact, doesn't respond to any command. Sensory issues like playing with the genitalia, doesn't allow cutting his hair or brushing his teeth. The child can hold a pencil but it's an immature grip he cannot write anything meaningful.

He also suffers from severe constipation and passes stools once in four days. The skin of the knuckles and hands is hyper pigmented he is being investigated for megaloblastic anemia. The immunity of the child is very low and constantly gets bouts of lower respiratory tract infections and is on antibiotics.

Mothers Emotional state during Pregnancy The mother was quite happy during the pregnancy but was a bit stressed as it was an IVF pregnancy.

Personal History

  • Cravings: Fish, fried food
  • Aversion: Vegetarian food
  • Perspiration: Not much
  • Thirst: Normal
  • Ambithermal
  • Sleep: Restless, no specific position in sleep.

Homeopathic treatment for Autism

Rx, The patient was given a Homeopathic remedy after careful analysis and evaluation and was asked to report after 14 days.

1st Follow Up

There was improvement in the constipation, Causeless crying was better, Babbling has started and he constantly does that. Handles the private parts, there is a fungal patch on the face which has appeared.

2nd Follow up

Babbling has further increased. Putting things in mouth has decreased, eye contact has improved, No toe walking is observed. Still anger is there and hits others, self stimulatory behavior has decreased. Nail biting, stereotype behavior persists. Hyperactivity is better and constipation has further improved.

On the fourth follow up the parents came and reported that the child has spoken the first word, AAi (Meaning mother in Marathi language) the parents were very happy to see their completely non verbal child utter his first word. They had never thought that the child will ever speak and thanks to Homeopathy, Nutrition and therapies which made this possible. This child comes to our autism center for the past 2 years and he is improving on a regular basis. His respiratory tract infections have also come down drastically. Homeopathic medicines have to be given for a minimum period of 1 year.